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by Lissa

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    In Canada you are considered innocent until your are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As in all system, sometimes errors do happen. No system is perfect. Justice can only be considered unnecessary if people abide by the rules and regulations set by the law of the land. When as a nation we believe that by hurting others we hurt our self we won’t need laws anymore, until then laws are necessary and as a result the justice system is also necessary. When I compare the justice system in Canada to countless other justice system in the world I am not only happy to be Canadian but I am happy to live in Canada.

  • T.Singh

    P.S. this site’s amazing on how it shows a different outlook on life, refreshing and at the same time shocking!!

  • T.Singh

    I’d like to kno what other ppl think of todays justice in Canada and why they think justice is nessecary, its something I’d like to believe often helps to (in theory) protect ourselves from others and our gov’t but this isnt always true, it’s also something that protects our basic rights like the right to freedom of religon or the right to express yourself, but what do you think?