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Peace Of Mind

by Lissa

  • Lissa

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for taking the time to read and make a comment on my blog post. I am very happy for your point of view. We can’t all have the same point of view since our point of view is based on our own experiences. You are working towards your goals this is all that matters.

  • Christine

    I agree with the whole happy people attract more people and good things, It’s a good way to be but not always easy, but you are not saying it is either.

    “People who always complain about what they DON’T
    HAVE, stay stuck. Complainers attract more things
    to complain about!”
    I agree with the second part but not the first part.

    I have been motivated by unhappiness for a year. I’m not stuck at all and I continue to work, and my frame of thinking is I’m working my butt of to make sure that I can get the things I want, and I will never end up like the mindless drones walking around everyday unaware to their own potential, still asleep at the wheel (and will) of their own life. But most of all I work for the fact that I don’t want to feel unhappy and trapped in a world that doesn’t fit the fantasy of the life my dreams have designed. It’s a pursuit fueled by resentment, disgust, anger, envy and possibly other horrible feelings but back boned on childish dreams, possibilities, hopes, and luck.

    People who complain are annoying, yes. But if you are in mind, telling yourself these things like I am, than you might be able to flip that into motivation, taking a complaint and making it something you work towards getting out of your life. Now you have a goal to try an abolish a feeling from your life that robs you of happiness, so I guess that is what it is, I’m driven by wanting to clear out all the negative, and yet it’s part of the motivation.

    I don’t suggest anyone take what I have written as advice, cause I know I’m a messed up person lol. Just sharing the thoughts that this brought out. Greatful for different views

    By the way change this security code, hardly anyone can probably read it probably and I have 20/20
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  • Lissa

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for your encouragement to continue writing. Also thanks for sharing your views on this topic with me. It is sad that a great number of human beings seem to get great satisfaction in complaining. They failed to understand that complaining does not solved the issue, instead it makes it worse. I don’t put up with complainers anymore. It is a waste of time and energy that can be put to better use.
    This weekend I was so busy I had no time to write. I’ll be writing another article later today.

  • Ryan

    Hey Lissa
    This is really true, there are alot of complainers in the world and not alot of appreciaters. People always complain that they need a bigger house or need more money or need a vacation, but people dont understand that there are people in Africa that dont have anything to appreciate and they dont complain they struggle everyday to provide for their family’s and us kids are complaining that they dont have a PSP and things like that. Your so right Lissa Keep on writing your doing a great job :) .

  • Lissa

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I am glad that you find the message so valuable.This message is a great reminder of what really matters in life. Since we can not please everyone, trying to please others is a complete waste of time.
    Jen, if you want to read similar articles, click on Motivation and Attitude, on the right side of the blog under categories.

  • Jen

    Hey Lissa,

    I totally agree with you! Learning to be “thankful” is a goal that we should all strive for. Even though it’s such a simple concept, but something I find hard to follow at times. I guess all of us have become so comfortable with the things that we have in front of us that we don’t realize their values and worth anymore. And another thing I’ve realized is that we always compare with others and constantly trying to fit in with them by having what they have. But in the end, I find that even though those things may satisfy and meet our needs at that particular moment, but afterward, they don’t mean much no more.

    This is SUCH a good reminder for all of us. I think we all need to stop and really just enjoy the things that are in front of us instead of catching up with the world’s standards. If anything I’ve learned throughout the years is that we can never be truly satisfied and happy when we’re living to impress others, always in competition to receive others’ approvals or trying to meet the world’s standards. Like you mentioned, they bring temporary contentment, but at the end of the day, they’re not the things that bring us real joy.

    Thanks for reminding us to stop and just be thankful=)

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