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My 40lb Weight Loss Before & After

by Lissa

  • Chantale R.

    I love that Kianna walked the talk. She looks great! And she gives many women out there encouragement to go ahead and do it: lose the unhealthy part of their weight.

  • aicdethfan84

    Forgive my saying o but you looked GORGEOUOS before AND after. Congrats, tho.

  • jsgirl4ev3

    you look beautiful :) what would you say is your #1 tip to people who want to lose weight?

  • helpplease08

    wow! congrats!!

    that must have been so difficult, but you did it!!

  • sassfem

    Congrats on your success! Very motivating. How are things going?

  • briglls

    im 5’2 and 180 lbs, I really want to lose weight but I have no idea how. I am currently doing a 1200 calorie but it does seem to be working. I loved your video and it help me realized how much I want to lose weight.

  • mrs3strawberri

    oh my gosh! can u show me how u did this an how long it took u?? sucks being big. i was 180just last year an now im 250 almost or maybe over lol… i gots to know how u did it girl!!!

  • ItzAmazingBrian

    I’m trying to do the same…I’ve tried multiple times throughout the year but after about 5lbs or so, I just end up giving up. Do you feel completely different on the inside? Like I know people will compliment you, but did weight loss make you feel better? I want to lose weight, but I never try for long enough because I want to do it for me, not to impress people.

  • weightloss01

    Good for you @kiannaluv21. It’s always our choice on what to do with our body, what’s good for us and what we feel better. We just have to sit to it that what we are doing is not lacking nor exceeding the limit… I hope you get my point. I like your video, you look so pretty..

  • Cocoachannell2008

    I am so proud of you!!!!! Everything you said was so true. I can relate to you because I too am 5’2″ and being overweight while this short does not feel good, it might look good with the thickness. But you truly spoke the truth…Men like it but I am unhealthy and I don’t feel like what they say or see. Again so proud of your accomplishments. I am posting soon my progress. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going. God Bless

  • beautifulangel86

    Wow , c’est fantastique . Tu es vraiment devenu sexy . Sa m’encourage a faire la même chose que toi.

  • mokie57676

    did your breast size go down when you lost weight. you look amazing by the way!

  • dictionary12345678

    you are so gorgeous even when you were thick. but u look super hot when u lost the weight. i lost 30 pounds in one month by not drinking alcohol and change my ways of eating. especially not many fried food.

  • peppers2400

    go girl! i was that fat kid. all my life. i finally decided to lose weight and get healthy. as i saw the lbs melt off… my self esteem also improved. i lost a total of i think 30-40lbs. from religious exercising. no smoking. no drinking. life was great. went through some of lifes downs. one after the other. became depressed and gained it ALL back. not all but most of it. YOUR VIDEO HAS DEFINITELY MOTIVATED ME to get back in that gym and back in those old jeans! thanks!

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