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Anthony Robbins – Reclaiming Your True Identity

by Lissa

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  • michigan6443

    I am self help so let me help. repeat these words every morning and you will be successful. I can do anything. There now go get your cash!

  • TheHumanWhisperer

    Tony is a master at what he does!

  • nexernexer

    @marsacko16 I think Tony Robbins is immensely charismatic physically and vocally. His voice fluctuations and fluidity and clarity of his ideas is what makes him successful. His ideas are very basic things we know but his charisma adds an extra pizazz which intensifies their meaning

  • nexernexer

    @nexernexer by his ideas i mean the way he structures information and how he reiterates old information and manipulates his information

  • marsacko16

    @nexernexer good answer actually…for me as an european this whole charisma thing is something very hard to relate to… people crying in the audience and overreacting emotionally etc…its sooo klischee and “american”….and it creeps me out…it sometimes seems like people go to selfhelp seminars to cry their ass off…and than go home and live life as always…

  • marsacko16

    @nexernexer other than that …i still share the opininon that if a selfhelp “guru” has more than one product…he IS scamming…thats a fact…look at this “rich dad, poor dad” guy. and how he makes everyone believe that you should always buy his new product cos there he gives away new “top secret” stuff…or how the rules of money changed..and you HAVE to get his new DVD

  • marsacko16

    @nexernexer in fact nothing is a “secret”…99,99% of succesfull people dont even know selfhelp exists…you can figure out anything in life on your own by just DOING SOMETHING

  • mywifiisfly

    @marsacko16 You are the true definition of a moron. “99.99% of successfull people dont even know selfhelp exists”. Really? Thats such glib statement I’m at a loss for words.

  • marsacko16

    @mywifiisfly you are brainwashed…

  • Mr123456King

    @cooper49512 his not irrelavant,his been to the dump,his an inspiring person,that made it in life..he used to live in an infested rat apt.,over weight and now look,he transformed himself into a multimillionare succes coach.

  • returnthewhiteninja

    all you idiots bickering is really tiresome. the whole self industry is about propagating the mental frames that most people dot stop to think about, because if they did, they would find them out for themselfs

  • endasil

    @farhannius It is great to see that you are a person who is doing his very best to reach out and help those less fortunate in life. Many people would just look down on those less knowledgable than themself. But not you, sir!! I am sure that this young buy will find himself with renewed hope, inspired to change his life to the better. Thanks to your kind words, this boy will grow up and become a great leader, the very person who will lead our world into a new era of…

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