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What Is Leadership?

by Guest Blogger

what is leadership
  • charlesbodi1

    Robin has always done such a great job defining leadership. This interview reflects how leadership is about us an individuals and how much we are aligned with who we are.

  • Golfalways1310

    awesome advice and guidance

  • ernestE3morse

    I wish more politicians would pay attention to leadership.

  • Limenalin

    Just Great!

  • vickic3

    Robin- you are the BEST

  • evelic

    Such a great person and human being in my opinion.

  • 1madaboutguitar

    This guys spot on ;0)

  • sudhanshu321

    Nice!! Thanks Robin

  • georgekolge

    i jst happened to view this video today. It is simply great wat Robin has achieved. I wanted to say that Image is an important part of leadership as i believe that one has to create a good image of their own and to do that one needs to be a leader of themselves and once you are a successful leader, you can inspire, influence others to be one too. So image as a word and its meaning is very very important to leadership.

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